Cleaning Your Own Gutters versus Professional Cleaning

If you wish to keep your gutters fit and free from issues, you need to maintain it properly. Maintenance involves cleaning not only by removing moss, algae and lichens among other debris, but also by removing the visible stains. If this is not done, you should know that the roof is a disaster in the making. Roof treatment is also of significance importance once cleaning is done.

Getting a Specialist Gutter Cleaning service

It could be you think that hiring a roof cleaning specialist is not the best thing considering you can get up the ladder and do the cleaning yourself. Yes you can do this but will you clean it like a professional? Is it worth the risk? This is a task that involves a lot of work and you should leave it to a specialist. Another thing is that they have the most advanced tools and techniques for effective cleaning. 

Clearing the Roof Yourself

You can clear the roof of twigs, leaves, rotten vegetation, pests and rotten fruits but for deep cleaning, it’s advisable you hire a professional. 

  • Get a sturdy stepping tool to avoid falling. You can actually get a ladder and a stopper. This will help you get to the roof safely. Statistics show that thousands of people getting injured while cleaning their roofs thus you should prevent such injuries. 
  • Another thing is to ensure that you wear protective gear. Not all the dirt and debris on your roof is safe for you. Twigs, screws and trees can cause bodily harm while dead pests can cause something more serious. Don’t go up the ladder barefoot, don’t live your sturdy gloves behind and wear your safety googles to protect your eyes. 
  • Go up the ladder with you garbage bag. It will be easy to collect debris from your roof when you have a garbage bag rather than hurling everything to the ground. You can throw large branches of trees but not every debris because this will be double work as it will to be collected from the ground. 

Professional Cleaning

Collection the tree branches, leaves, twigs and other debris is just a drop in the ocean. Yes it’s important to do this, but the roof needs a proper cleaning. Collecting debris will not remove any stains or dirt stuck on the roof. Scrubbing, use of roof cleaning products or pressure washing is needed. If you just collect the debris from time to time without getting the roof thoroughly cleaned, it will not be of much help in maintaining your roof. 

With the rise of DIYs, some homeowners opt to clean their own roofs. However much this is a good thing, it is both physically demanding and consumes time. Since roof cleaning specialists have mastered the job, it’s easy for them to do a thorough job and save time. You can hire one as their charges are affordable and besides getting your roof cleaned, you will not break your back trying to get up the ladder.